I am setting aside my own guilt of being 100 years behind in blogging and going to write about something I should have written about a long time ago. THIS IS US… Insert…

Everyone’s new obsession.

Everyone is Feeling the Feels.

Everyone one has caught the FEVER.

Or at least I hope they have…

    Yes, some weeks we leave and feel like WOAH… soap opera much? Or we have fallen so in love with these beloved characters, I find my husband praying for Randall and thanking the Good Lord for his story. Insert– WE are both #fangirls. I literally cannot watch a scene between Randall and his Birth-Father without crying or having my heart so warm seeing my dreams being played out in reality. Every #fangirl needs a reality check, it’s television Brandi…

But last night…


   Took me to so many places. Like I said, I watch Randall and William with my little empath heart and “feel all them feels”. It can be a 5 second moment of laughter, but I am totally in it. Or a moment like when Randall is eagerly trying to figure out who his cousin’s are ” You get a cousin, you get a cousin! Everybody gets a cousin!” and I am all , WHERE ARE MY COUSINS…?  

    Real talk here– William ends up dying– I have some serious triggers with DEATH and parents. Both my parents are alive and kicking but, subconsciously I am waiting / terrified for someone to go. I lost a whole mess of people at the start of my life, so it’s a thing.  But one of my best friend told me this week “you have the gift of collect people” … Having Randall lose his birth-father all over again is heart wrenching, but seeing all he gained gives me so much courage. I really hope one of my birth relative can “thank”, my parents someday but maybe face to face not like William thanked Papa Pearson. But the moment that challenged me most was when William was dying. Randall grabbed William’s face and was able to calm him down the way his father had when he was a child.

  This is the goal adoptive parents… teach your kids to LOVE their birth-family.

     Give them the tools to love them hard. It was so confirming as to why we do this tribe life– why we’re going to travel down to Texas to bring a 3 year old to meet her great-grandparents and see her birth-parents. Adoption is loss, death, sadness and discomfort. It’s not a perfect thing with a bow and we do not have the manual on how to do it. Every story has different needs but every person has DNA and we as parents have to do our best to prepare our kids to meet it. They will meet it everyday when they look at in the mirror or look at it face to face in the heart of the Texan sun. So like our friends from “This is Us”, let’s make sure our kids do it with pride, bravery and love. Have real conversations with your kids and I promise your love for them will only grow. 

Watch all the heart wrenching moments here!


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