Happy Half-birthday // Airplane day

Today is my airplane day! The day, I first met my parents and became a Wilkins. You know every adoptee has a different spin on this event. I have to hand it to my parents, they do an amazing job celebrating me! Now my tribe gets to join the celebration. I think adoptee have enough loss so, we should get the chance to gain an extra celebration! Today, we celebrate my baby-self’s great voyage, around the world to meet my parents.( Pictured below: me at 6 months)imageimageimage

In party fashion… we had a family day. It was part normal with child-rearing comes its usual duties but I got to do some of my favorite things like swim, cook, run and read and was able to host. Loved snuggling my little people, getting flowers and an adorable FaceTime from my parents. I kept thinking about the many other voyages I’ve now taken around the sun, most adventures here in the states, with the exception of my short stay in Africa. Anyway, all this said, it’s a circle and today I realized as I traveled around one of my favorite running routes, God keeps teaching us the same stuff.  We keep working on the same things but each time, we circle around, we get a bit better, and closer to him. One example is patience, I used to be impatient with my life and how I wanted to know, if my passions would align with all my other desires. Still impatient, but my patience can only spread so thin and it’s usually used up while my 2 year old goes potty and takes her sweet time. See we grow 😉 But really, I feel like I could name at least a hundred things, I probably will circle around the sun learning for life and I really feel thankful I get to do so, with my village of people. So thanks dear airplane, for bringing me to my parents and big thanks to my favorite around the sun, daddy-God, whose plans are beyond us!

In other praise of the good Lords plans, I have to thank him for my big ‘little’ guy, Lenox. He’s killing it with his off the chart weight and height. ‘The sumo son,’ as I like to call him is as a half a pound bigger than his one-year-old cousin. He’s smiley and his laugh is seriously contagious. I can’t believe, he’s half a year. I still can’t believe he’s half my DNA! You see, I have a grey page for the first 6 months of my life– born, moved to Seoul, flown to JFK to meet parents.  So when my kids have 6 months of life, I am constantly trying to imagine the people that held and cared for me and the places I lived.  I cannot have more gratitude to foster moms and sometimes cry  when I see them love kids in the ‘in between’. They are demonstrating a similar love of which some people shared for ME! Thank you foster parents, you are truly heroes!

So we celebrate 6 months or half birthdays hard in this tribe. Cause for 6 month–mommy lived in Korea and gets an airplane day and you my offspring get to watch me eat half cakes! See ya in 6 months for a bite baby (insert tears, it goes too fast) here are pictures from our half birthday celebration a few weeks ago. imageProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetimageProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset



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