Open Adoption: So many Mamas!

Amidst my marathon diaper changing, I have had the honor of making a new mom friend. Now you may find this confusing. Thinking, ‘B, you are a mom of course, you have new mom friends?’. But this is different, I have become friends with a woman, who has bravely decided to be a Birth-mother. 

Krystal is a strong and courageous lady, whom shares my hometown. This summer a mutual friends set us up, we talked for 3 hours straight with some food interruptions thanks pregnancy. I couldn’t be more thankful for this date. No, I am not adopting her beautiful baby, but I still have the honor of being this amazing lady’s friend. And she is not getting rid of me anytime soon. I cannot tell you how encouraging Krystal has been to me as an adoptee and adoptive mama. Listening to Krystal process these past few months has given more insight into our open adoption with Vera-lou’s birthparents. While bearing witness to her conflicting feelings reminds me of the deep love, I have for my birthmother. But this Mama know’s what’s best for her baby and I could not be more proud of her. I know, so many mamas! But being friends with a birth-mama like Krystal is another angle of the beautifully complicated thing, that is so much of my identity.

So if your life has all been touched by adoption please take a few minutes and pray for Krystal. She is a week late and trying to stay strong in a HIGHLY emotional time. Also take a few minutes and read her blog, .  Feel free to leave her an encouraging word for the long road ahead of her. Reading her blog unmasks apart of adoption, I believe everyone needs to read and see. This birth-mama even had a sweet gender reveal party for her little LADY. This life has been so celebrated…


Also if you are interested in adoption PLEASE listen to this podcast Open Adoption:Not So Simple Math. It’s a BEAUTIFUL essay giving another birth-mother’s experience.



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