Happy Birthday to our girl.

We officially have a TWO year old… It’s hard to believe but now having her little brother,  I can see so clearly that she is no longer a little baby. My girl loves to sing, talk, run, dance, climb, play ‘mama’ to her babies and so much more. One of the parts of having her grow is getting to see so much of her personality. It’s big and beautiful. She is gentle and sweet, but she is strong. She has strong feelings like… she loves deeply, like her fierce love for her cousins or her new, “baby swoller”. And when she wants to do something herself… the passion in her, “I do it”, is not always persuaded. But you know today as I watched her run and play with her grandparents, I saw her birth-mother so clearly and I have never been more proud.

Two years ago today Mama T, allowed her body to do the most amazing thing, to give life to our daughter. However many days, she doesn’t feel strong like she did two years ago. Many days are full of hard moments and uneasy feelings. But she never stops loving our girl, even when it’s not easy. 
So tonight, before I lay my head to bed… I thank the good Lord, for our daughter’s sweet life. It’s so full and so fun. I celebrate the love she has from all of her family, all over the country. I celebrate having the privilege of being her mom. And I celebrate two years of open-adoption. I cannot be more thankful to Mama T and Padre J for continuing to be apart of our crazy tribe. They have grown so much and we are so proud. 

So Vera-lou, if you are reading this one day know this, the love people have for you is real and raw. It comes with great sacrifice but so much beauty.

All photos by Daddy at Ebersole Photography



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