Celebrating Babies!

IMG_0363 2

We are incredibly blessed with amazing friends all over the place, but today some extra special ones came to visit us. To give you a little back story on Danny and I, pre-tribe days– We fell in love during college. We were apart of this little family of friends– who would dream, pray and have loads of fun together. Looking back on how our love stories all started, sometimes stopped –  only to continue again.  And how we all supported each other though all the drama was really quite epic. All the while trying our best to love Jesus…

   One love story, we both feel equally apart of and equally fond of is the story of Rod and Stef. It was really amazing how God gave Danny, Rod as a pal and Stef to me. Through the past nine years of friendship we have celebrated graduations, engagements, weddings and today we celebrate BABIES! Stef and Rod welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Selah nine days before our Lenox. Not to mention Vera-lou LOVED having a baby girl to hold. We all could not stop saying, “we can’t believe we’re parents” or “how did we get here” or “Don’t we belong in a library somewhere flirting studying together”. But this is what Jesus does with friends, he keeps you together as you grow together. If I would have told us all them years ago we’d be here today, I think we’d all laugh but as the cheesy 90’s christian singer Michael W. Smith puts it,

                 “And friends are friends forever, If the Lord’s the Lord of them”…

                                                    Hahaha #blesshim.

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IMG_0364 2IMG_0341IMG_0344IMG_0342IMG_0365 2Ebersole+Ceaser-9768

p.s- over 5 different races and two mixes represented in this clan– this is the kingdom of God


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