Happy first day of Advent // Happy due date to me.

Wifey-Wifey-0019Here I am 40 weeks still waddling like a turkey, hoping to not waddle like a Santa although it is one of my all time favorite seasons. Most of you are seasoned pregnant ladies can relate but yes, I am on my due date but I am thankful and relaxed… why you might ask here let me give you a little back story…

Pregnancy has been an array of emotions for me. I’ve been really healthy and thankfully have had a peaceful pregnancy (I attribute that to Danny’s DNA- my forever peaceful partner). Although smooth, pregnancy made me question a lot about my own identity and as usual I have to make up my own gestation story. For instance up until maybe 7 and a half months not showing… thinking, ‘I bet my birth-mom didn’t show, that’s how she hid me.’ Or dealing with a few unsolicited people hinting that, ‘I am going to feel so differently about my biological children,’ when in reality I want to punch them in the face…  It wasn’t the rosiest pasture. I’ve been praying a lot of how to place all these feelings and I am pretty sure God answered me in a big big way…

On top of all them feelings… I was also a high-risk pregnancy. At first, I was seeing several specialized doctors in Boston. The reason being that when I was 10 years old, I had brain surgery for an incurable disease called, ‘Moya- Moya’. The doctors had a million plans for me and my pregnancy.  If I was still pregnant at this point I probably would have had a much more complicated birth with various interventions. When I was first dealing with Moya-Moya,  I never let the doctor’s predictions come true. For instance, after brain surgery I confidently went back to school weeks after with a bandage and a hat- didn’t want to to scare the other 5th graders. It was never something I let define me. It was a scary-awful part of my childhood, but it made me who I am and gave me a ton of faith in God. I always had to trust him and know ultimately he had me in his hands.

Fast forward nine years. I had just finished my first year at college and took a missions trip for the summer to Mozambique, Africa. During this trip, I was able to see a new characteristic of God, a God who healed. God was healing people in Mozambique and it was real. This trip did so many things for my life but crazy enough it was also part of a vision my Grandfather had for me before he died. He died right after they found out I was sick, but before this he told my parents he saw my feet in Africa with children, healed. I wasn’t told about this vision till I arrived in Mozambique and already was watching the God of wonders at work. Nonetheless I wanted healing for myself. People were praying for me and so I came back to the states fully believing I was healed. But I totally wasn’t… I was sick. I was experiencing brain symptoms and depression. It was a horrible time in my life. I slowly had to relearn to trust the Lord and came out of it all with no real answers. Only that my surgery was actually unsuccessful and that I would probably need surgery again. Determination hit and I went back to college with no real answers but just lived life.

Living life then, consisted of you know graduating college, marrying Danny, adopting Vera-lou and now, being pregnant. Going to all the ‘high-risk’ doctors made me face all the realities and fears doctors usually have for me. In August, I had to have an MRI to look at my brain to see it’s condition before delivery. When I rolled into that little tube as some of you have experienced. I was again confused and frustrated but praying… hoping for something different. When I was done I was to meet with a neurologist after he looked over my scans. The doctor looked at me and said in a rich middle eastern accent, ‘You have NO Moya-Moya. You are fine. You can deliver just fine.’ He quickly showed me the scans and I had seen old scans before and knew he was right. Moya-Moya is when your blood vessels are pinched and you don’t get enough blood to your brain. You could see all the vessels in all my pictures!  I made him say it twice and asked him, if he could contact my brain surgeon from when I was a child. He works in a the children’s hospital here in Boston, and he agreed.  I left and didn’t know what to do. I called my parents… they cried and I tried to keep it together but cried my whole train ride back to the north shore (poor old man next to me thought I had gotten my heart broken).

My brain surgeon cannot explain what happened to my brain but I can… I was healed by the good Lord…

                            and it’s a miracle.

If you are currently put before a situation that you are praying for healing it does happen, it happened to me. The doctors say everything should go like a normal delivery and if you can’t get from this story God has continued to use my adventures in motherhood to teach me so much about his greatness…  I never thought he could match our miracle entrance into parenthood with our sweet Vera-lou but of course our God does the unthinkable as we venture to baby number two. If it wasn’t for this baby, I would have never known I was healed. So we approach this advent season anticipating two babies, one whom’s love is so deep for us that he heals us, blowing our expectations out of the water and another baby that will add to the Ebersole Tribe’s crazy life!

Some maternity photos by Ebersole photography aka, Danny

View More: http://ebersolephotography.pass.us/pregnancyEbersole.Tribe-3 (1)Ebersole.Tribe-4

My healed brain if you are interested…. IMG_3009

and last but not least… 7fd6911a-705c-4aa6-bf47-9d61501c7c25



  1. brb · December 1, 2015

    What an incredible testimony! Happy due date indeed, and God bless your labor and delivery 🙂

  2. mandanicoleshakes · December 1, 2015

    You are absolutely beautiful!

  3. Carolyb · December 2, 2015

    Thanks for sharing your amazing story! God is so good! Praying for a smooth arrival of baby boy Ebersole!

  4. Ken Ebersole · December 2, 2015

    Thank you Brandi for sharing this miracle. We rejoice greatly with you. Our God is great in all His ways. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings, we eagerly await your son, our grandson!

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