Clear Eyes, Full hearts, Can’t Loose // A birthmom visit in Texas

Life is moving way too quickly for my liking but I always feel this way when summer ends it’s my favorite season and thankfully I’ve gotten to spend a lot of one special little lady. Danny and I have been so busy shooting weddings together and trying to keep up with life’s quick pace that it was such a blessing to get down to Texas for a week and see all our people. Our trip started out with a warm welcome from our second family, The Crawfords. They took us to the Houston Zoo and to a real Friday Night Lights Football game. The game was epic and just like the show Friday Night Lights we left them with  ‘Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose’… They encouraged our little family in so many ways and it was so nice to see their wonderful community as well. If you think of it pray for their first grandson, he has big prayer needs more information here

     With our “Clear Eyes Full Hearts”.. we then ventured to Corpus Christi. Lou-lou’s birth place. It was so HOT, but so worth it. We had an amazing day with Vera-lou’s birthmom and enjoyed watching the two of them bond under the heat of the sun. We cannot be more thankful for the memories these two have made this past 18 months. It was also, great for me to get to see Mama T again… She loved talking about pregnancy with me; I am one of the only people she can really do this with. Her stories were hilarious and we both couldn’t believe she didn’t confirm her pregnancy till she was 32 weeks.  It made me think a lot about my own birth mother, which was hard and wonder about the nine months I had with her. But it also made me excited to be able to join these brave women in the whole giving birth rite of passage. It was super redemptive and life giving to listen to Mama T process her pregnancy through mine– it felt full circle. Mama T has so much to be proud of, she has a 18 month old birth daughter, she’s an awesome birthmom, she’s working and has started community college. We cannot be more proud. Here are pictures from our visit with her and the some of our Houston Adventures. More on our reunion with Vera-lou’s birth father’s family soon…

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