Crazy in love // Happy 1st birthday baby girl.

All right, so it’s 10:00pm and to this first time mama that translates to midnight. Beyoncé is on and I have eaten enough chocolate cake and Mexican food to fill two Asian women.

All this said, today was my baby girl’s birthday. I woke up to her sweet cheeks squished against mine as she grabbed my hair and said “Maa”, her dad had kindly placed her to snuggle squish me in bed before he headed off to work in the city.

Today was a crazy day, but the few moments I had to think about the remarkable way Vera-lou became an Ebersole, I couldn’t help but pause, in awe of the greatness of my God. If I wanted to tell Vera-lou a few things about her first year of life, I would say you were chosen and I’d point to the sign over her crib that says, “Love Wins”. Only to continue to explain that your birth parents love you and have experienced a lot of pain over this year but in the end their love for you has won, as they were both able to visit you and say, ‘God knew what he was doing, making you an Ebersole”. The love your family has for you has also won, in the way they have been able to support you, hold you and enjoy all your chubby cuteness. How your joy is contagious and how you are even teaching your cousin, Evie, how to dance. Vera-lou, you’ve taught your parents more about sacrifice, selflessness and love then they have ever known. If only the lessons on hard work translated into beach bodies instead of loads of unfolded laundry. You’ve made us fall more in love with each other as we’ve been able to beam in the pride, we take in watching the other be a parent. And you’ve given your Mama the chance to do her most favorite job yet – being a Mama, an adoptive mama. The job that challenges all her insecurities, all her own questions and some how at the end of the day you still love me.

vl birthday-9vl birthday-5vl birthday-10vl birthday-31Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset vl-2vl-5vl-6vl-7 vl-4


One comment

  1. Nilza Brito · April 8, 2015

    Absolutely amazing of God’s providence and love!! It’s humbling!!
    Can’t wait to meet Vera-Lou!!

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