This is love… // A Birth Father Valentine’s day.

Thank you all for your love and support around my own loss… I cannot express what it does for my heart to know that people are crazy enough to fly with me to Korea or the outpouring of scripture messages and other encouraging words. I am uplifted and at peace. This is love to me…

 But a very special little girl is receiving a very special kind of love this weekend… Vera-lou is being blessed to have Padre J as her Valentine. Padre J, Vera-lou’s Birth-Father is here visiting us and we are thrilled. Danny and I’s hearts are literally going to burst as we watch the two of them laugh and play together. He has been spoiling her with gifts and kisses. And respectfully asking us questions about our family and of course we shared our LOVE story.  Oh not to mention this Texan Birth Father can’t get over our mounds of snow or that we like to picnic in our living room. But most importantly Vera-lou and Padre are making memories together.

 Danny doesn’t feel at all threatened by this visit as usual is a bit teary as he tries to process our daughter’s powerful story. Vera-lou will know, who her parents are but will also know who her birth parents are. She’ll know why she doesn’t like avocados unless they are disguised as guacamole, cause that’s how her birth father likes them. She’ll know that her Great Grandfather gave her those grey-brown eyes and she’s know what true love is.

It is someone being brave enough to fly for the first time and stay with complete strangers to meet her.

 It is having someone lose their breath as their eyes fill with tears after first looking at you.

It is God allowing your life to be an example to your parents and others that he truly makes all things new.   


Will you be my valentine?
valentines day
Vera-lou and her birthdad

I am coming for yaLove ya bunsOur 2nd annual picnic in our living room



  1. mm719 · February 14, 2015

    THIS is so wonderful ! Beauty itself……nothing less,

  2. Lynell Kennedy · February 15, 2015

    Your family is so filled with love. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you.

  3. Graham Teena Paul · February 15, 2015

    I love reading what you write.

    What a precious journey. Thanks for your bravery and courage to share the steps.

    Love Teena

    Graham & Teena Paul email Website

    Address: 68C St Martins Rd, St Martins, 8022 Christchurch, NZ mobiles (+64) 22 0974812 (Graham), (+64) 22 0974811 (Teena)

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