Adoption is for Everyone // We are meant to be apart of each others story.

A lot of our days are considerably normal for a 7 month old and  two first time parents. We’re overjoyed by anything new she does and we think she’s even more awesome when she repeat her new trick. Sometimes in the blur of dirty diapers and busy schedules we forget our story. Thankfully God continues to send us little reminders, like this weekend.

 Let me bring you back to the mad-dash preparation to get to Texas to be at the birth of our little Vera-lou, we had a million pieces of the puzzle that had to fit. Starting with housing… We boldly asked our followers and friends, if they knew anyone in Houston or Corpus Christi they could connect us to.  Our sweetest church pal and co-worker, Erica, had just the people… She asked her friends to ask their parents to open their home. Yes, we stayed with complete strangers, who are now our family– the Crawfords.

boston.visit-2 boston.visit


Two young twenty-somethings showed up at the door of this wonderful Houston family with suitcases and bags of nerves as they knew they had to wait a few days till they could meet their birth-mother and would hopefully welcome their daughter into the world. We tried to keep things light, calling this time our “babymoon”, and it totally was just that.

 The Crawfords spoiled us with food and an awesome trip to the rodeo. We met all their friends and some of their family, sharing our crazy story of “why we landed in Houston”. This family intentionally asked us questions, ate meals with us, prayed for us and just got to know us. Then when our little girl was born in Corpus Christi, we stayed with two other awesome families the Mutchlers and the Ottos. Then we had to wait for the court to clear us to come home, in Houston.  Karen and Steve Crawford wouldn’t have it any other way than to host us again while we waited. During that time their friends and family, showered us with gifts, love and advice on our new stage of life. They snuggled Vera-lou and loved us like we were Crawfords and yes they were complete strangers.


You see this is a product of Adoption… it’s love in a pure form. It’s instant belonging and openness. It’s what Jesus does for us giving us place in his family as a son or daughter. We are so thankful for the families that adopted us and took part in our story.


Back to this weekend… These people came to visit us in Boston! They came to tour around. Eating, laughing and making more memories with us. Little did they know, they were used by God again in a huge way by reminding us of all that has happened. We again stand in awe of God’s plan. For all five of us adults and little Vera-lou could only be connected because we all said “yes” to what God was calling us too. We were so blessed to be asked about the happenings in our tribe and how things have progressed. It was awesome to hear Karen Crawford comment on how much Vera-lou looks like her birth mom because she’s one of the few people who had the honor of meeting her. For the weekend of their visit we were graced with beautiful Boston weather and we were able to reflect on how our father, or as Vera-lou likes to say, “da-da-da” has been oh so good to us.

boston.visit-3 boston.visit-5 boston.visit-6 boston.visit-10 boston.visit-12 boston.visit-13 boston.visit-14 boston.visit-17 boston.visit-18


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