#TBT // Why it’s awesome to be a girl

So… There is a lot I can say about adoption, but tonight I wanna do a little throw back Thursday and write about something else. I wanna write about being Aunt B and how honored I am to be her.  You see I married into this big family, I love it because I had an awesome extended family growing up and feel like I am just living a legacy. When I married Danny at the time I was blessed with 10 nieces and nephews. Most of which live near me and had previously known me as “Miss. B”. I always joke that I fell in love with them before their handsome uncle. All this love aside, being an aunt is fantastic, I can give them sweets and send them home, make memories and be as weird as I want and they kinda still think I am cool.  They tend to share things with me they wouldn’t their parents, I am hoping this mode of communication stays open as the teenage years approach us.

All this said both my nearby nieces have both gone through a brief moment of “I don’t wanna be a girl”. You see we left for almost a month when Vera-lou came and our family kept on going. One of these lapses in the Ebersole woman power happened while I was away. Well Vera-lou maybe 4 weeks old witnessed her first Aunt B intervention. We had a special dinner party for our Jossy. She and Uncle Danny have a special little bond. While we were dating I would get e-mails with quotes of the things this little girl would whisper into her uncle’s ear after family meals. The dinner was for her to be able to dress up and to dine with her uncle.  When she showed up, she wasn’t dressed and wanted my help– insisting I wear my dress that matched hers and her baby cousin wear hers. So we all went on a date with Uncle Danny. (I thought I was the hired help)

Our conversations at dinner consisted of church, school and Jossy explaining how she can’t wait to drive to take Vera-lou on dates, which in turn brought us to the issue “why do you not want to be a girl”. Her response was, she wants to be a girl but she just wants to be different. Her uncle assured her she was and we proceeded to make a list of “why it’s awesome to be a girl”.

You see Jossy is one of my favorite people on the planet… She beats to her own drum always has and I hope always will. She’s smart but goofy, sensitive but tough, she has a  ton of friends but always stops for the one left behind, and isn’t afraid to refuse to wear dresses while proclaiming she is PASSIONATE about babies. She never ceases to surprise me with her confidence and humility match-up, she’s just unassuming. She has no idea how awesome she is.  I hope over the next life time I have the honor of having a few more interventions to remind her that she’s loved and just the way God wanted her to be. Oh and that there is always time for a dance party!

Happy Throw Back Thursday. Hopefully we all can see the beauty in our opposing inner-selves. Jossydate-5

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