Happy Half Birthday Vera-lou!!!

So we have had a lot going on and I know I’ve been personally messaged with people asking about my birth-mom quest… I promise to give you the real update as soon as I have time to process it all myself.

But it’s Vera-lou’s half birthday day!

We cannot be more in love with her and more blessed to be her parents. Today Vera-lou and I spent the day with her great-aunt Rose, whom asked me to retell the story of how all the details worked out for her to become our daughter. The amount of generosity and love shed on my little family is remarkable… Just retelling it all in one sitting made me sing one of Vera-lou’s favorite lullaby a lot louder “Great is Thy Faithfulness”. So in light of this faithfulness we’d like to write our top 6 parenting moments, to faithful show that you may only see our “highlight reel” via social media but we really are just two normal first time parents…

1. I have this sick obsession with picking her nose, Vera-lou’s Tia has coined the phase “mochas” for buggers… I adore picking mochas and well ear wax is another vice of mine.
2. During Vera-lou’s first bath Danny may have scrubbed her arm pits so vigorously that he left red marks on her beautiful baby skin, but she was clean nonetheless!
3. Vera-lou has started to scoot or army crawl and let’s just say she’s my new favorite mop, I may have been happily cooking and found her sucking my floor… good thing that’s non-toxic floor cleaner.
4. Vera-lou may have had constipation her first few months of life, YES we’ve danced for poop.
5. We went on our first family vacation and the hotel kindly gave us a pack-in-play. Yes we left the pack-in-play with pee stains, sorry-not-sorry…
6. Vera-lou loves to protest her naps… I swear sometimes I see her peeking from her crib with a little sign that says but “peace not war”.

Here are a few pictures from our half birthday party…our little lady who army crawls, laughs, talks, cries, poops, is starting to get into things, becomes angry when her gourmet carrot mash is finished and most importantly is melting our hearts. Vera.6-2






YES to all my friends and family who want revenge on my sugar giving antics…  Vera-lou did have a peach from the cake and spit it out… the girl may be a savory lover like her mommy!

Thanks for reading. We love you all.

The Ebersole Tribe.


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