Happy Birthday Mama T.

Today is Vera-lou’s birthmom’s birthday, Mama T. Today the brave, strong, courageous lady that gave life to our beautiful daughter, turns 18!

We are so very thankful for Mama T’s life and that she too, was adopted! Recently I had a conversation with her about our daughter and it was so amazing to hear her maturity! It is a sure gift to be able to both reflect on being adopted and how our childhoods were and how we want the best for our little lady. We are all learning what it means to be apart of our little tribe! It seems crazy to think I am only a 4 month old mom, I hardly remember life before Vera-lou. It’s hard to believe that Mama T has only been a birthmom for 4 months because she’s so good at it. Her love for Vera-lou is extreme and we love it. She loves her so much and is intentionally working with us to make our openness what is best for all of us!

We cannot be more proud of Mama T and her recently graduation from High School and just the beautiful woman of God, she works so hard to be. We ask you to give Mama T a gift for her birthday– to pray for her. Not a day that goes by this beautiful woman doesn’t think about our little lady and needs God’s strength to trust him that she made the right choice. Mama T is working so hard to continue life with college and loving those around her. Our prayer for her is that she is able to love herself too. That she is proud to be a birthmom, not any birthmom “Vera-lou’s birthmom”. That her heart heals, she is able to tell more people about her amazing choice and that she feels the peace that surpasses all understanding. We love you Mama T…

Here are some photos of little lou-lou bunny on Mama T’s birthday! (her favorite color is pink!) Happy birthday!

sending some kisses

sending some kisses



happy birthday mama T


Love you,

Happy birthday!

The Ebersoles…


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