9 things you might want to know and a video!

our little chubby winking baby

our little chubby winking baby

Here are some fun facts I think you might find interesting about the Ebersole Tribe.

1. We had to say our real “see you later” to Mama T, which by God’s grace was met by the beauty of the famous Blue Bonnet flowers of Texas, and a little photo shoot to capture the raw moment.  We passed our court date and were cleared to return to home. This means now we have two more home visits for the agency to follow up.  And hopefully within six months to a year we’ll have a final court case finalizing everything. Not to mention the judge gave Vera-lou a Chick-fli-a cow to remind us, Texas is awesome. We returned home on April 5th  greeted by numerous loved ones. Vera-lou is a social butterfly and loves being with people.

2. Our Paper Doula, Lara, came to visit us. She brought her lovely son Jaylen who was adopted in 2013.  Vera-lou and him have an arranged marriage. (hahaha but seriously how fun). It was the best foot forward for our open- adoption parenting to have Lara here giving her play-by- play advice after 10 years of parenting and laughing along the way with us.

3.  Danny put toilet cleaner in the dish soap dispenser… new parent status… Thank goodness it was the all natural/ organic/ non toxic/  doesn’t even really work to get things cleaned brand.

4.  Vera-lou was named  by us. Vera because it means “faith” or “truth” depending on the origin and the  – lou  is supposed to be like my name Brandi-lin. The lou is for Louisa which means “renown warrior” after her God Mother Maria’s middle name. So in fact Vera-lou is our very own  renown faith/truth warrior.

5.  Mama T is doing well. Back to school, getting ready for prom and graduation. We are adjusting to time differences and all of our lives picking up with rapid speed. We would love for you to continue to pray for Mama T and thank God for her life. Mama T gave us so much honor in this process, letting us name our little lady, be in the room when she gave birth and continues to allow us to partake in her life even though we are far. We are so proud of her, she is gaining strength from God and using her light to shine bright in her last days of High School. We have also had the honor of being in contact with Vera-lou’s birth father. He is a kind, young southern man. We wish we could have met him before we left Texas  but have high hopes of meeting him some day.

6. We never thought parenting would involve so much celebration of poop, farts, burps and pee. Let’s just say one sleepless night an explosion happened, a soiled sock was flung and some how hit the curtains and the diaper back pack. Insert surprise at sunrise!– Another late night occurance… Daddy may or may not have brushed his teeth a second time just to make sure Vera-lou stayed asleep after her mid-night latte as we like to call them.

7. Adoption is awesome but so intense. We were so well taken care of when in Texas and since we’ve been home our lives have taken a 180, on the fast track. This adventure isn’t for the weak. We’re all adjusting, I mean we’re over-the-moon in love but it feels a little like we’ve just been through a whirl-wind tour of emotions and we’re trying to processes them. While getting back to work in full swing for Danny and adjusting to sleepless nights, a new stage called parenthood and just trying to keep it all together. We know you can never be prepared for parenthood even if the baby is homegrown. But it’s funny, I am not recovering physically but mentally and emotionally… it’s just been a lot.  All the guests and encouragement are remarkable! We’re taking it a day at a time and trying our hardest to give ourselves grace in this new charted land. Prayers are always welcome.

8. Your responses to our journey speak volumes to us… from the few of you who have said you too want to adopt first because “it’s not a consolation prize”, to those of you who have said they have gained a new understanding of God’s love though our story make us cry in God’s sovereign hand over this path and those of you that have reached out to us in your pains of infertility saying things like “your adoption gives us hope that we too can have a family”, honor us in your vulnerability. Not to mention the HUGE generosity in all areas!

9. Vera-lou is Mexican!!!  Yep 100% Mexican American. Let’ s just say we’re planning a baby Cinco De Mayo Party. I have to find a rattle maraca and the little sombrero.  It’s funny we’ve gotten a lot of “Wow she looks like she’s yours” or “She must be half Asian” due to her beautiful eyes. As normal as those comments might be, they are actually really hard for us. We really want Vera-lou to grow up loving herself, loving her race and not having false expectations that she’ll grow up and look like her mother. Growing up adopted myself, it was easy for everyone to know I was adopted. Korean girl in white family. But still in my brain somewhere hoped for red hair and blue eyes like my mom.  I defiantly didn’t have any encouragement for these thoughts, cause no one thought the round Korean chubby baby looked like my red haired blue-eyed beautiful mama. Vera-lou is going to be her and I do want her to identify with our family, I hope she prides herself on being adopted and  that she comes from a line of adopted mothers both birth-mother and mother. My hope for her is confidence and that she always knows God thinks she’s lovely, beautiful and chosen.

Here is our first home movie for those of you that cannot come visit in the afternoon. Yes Vera-lou  is wearing one of  my headbands… It’s a way I can laugh at her when she doesn’t sleep all night.  We hope you enjoy it.



  1. Becca Nelson · April 30, 2014

    Brandi – seeing your journey has been an inspiration!

    You probably don’t remember this, but we were on the same floor in my Freshman year of college. I remember telling you in the bathroom one morning that I was long distance with my boyfriend, who was in Philly. You were the first person who didn’t react negatively or have anything bad to say about long distance – you will never know how much your simple and kind words that first semester helped me. Now I am happily married to my then-boyfriend, and I have never forgotten your encouragement. I’m sure your positive attitude and giving nature will make you a wonderful mother – your little family is adorable and I wish you all the best =)

    • ebersolephotography · May 20, 2014

      Thank you!!! I am so glad! love wins always! Thanks for the encouragement. Like married being a mom is full of it’s great highs and great lows but we must remember who gives us strength to do all these things! many blessings!

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