The Highest Highs and The Lowest Lows // Open Adoption.

veralou-9081We cannot begin to thank everyone for all of the support, love and prayers. It is really remarkable the amount of people who have responded to all of this… We are so humbled by your love and support… we cannot stop looking at our little girl and thanking Jesus for her and Mama T.

Let’s face it  we’re in-love! Vera-lou is a laid- back, calm, and smiley baby girl. She loves the warmth of her home state and is captivating strangers where ever she goes with her story and sweetness. Vera-lou has been showered with love from all sorts of people! For instance Grammy Wilkins (my mom) & Abuela (Denise Robinson– My best friend Maria’s mom) road tripped 30 hours from Rochester, New York to Corpus Christi, Texas to meet the little lady… Now that is support. Grammy Wilkins is completely smitten with Vera-lou and already has spoiled her. Not to mention our long time friend Perry came from Boston, completely surprised us, only to spending two days with us,  Uncle Perry said, “I needed to see Vera-lou’s dimples for myself”. Not to mention those who were once complete strangers  yet when they open their homes instantly become apart of our story. Like the Ottos and Mutchler’s  in Corpus Christi, they are as sweet as their beautiful home we spent the first few days in…  And all your love from afar. It’s so encouraging.

Even the lover of love as I am and the believer that love always wins… There is this very tragic dark side to this whole thing…Let me explain.

There is this great loss for a 17 year old girl who has hidden out for 9 months, who never got a proper baby shower (even though I did host a pretty hilarious one in the back of the swagger wagon). The girl still can’t share photos even though she labored for 19 hours and carried Vera-lou for 9 months but is content getting updates from me about how many likes people like our baby girls pictures on facebook ect. I never thought I would weep when birth-mom left the hospital and tell my paper doula that I wish I could have Danny could  knock me up, I’d instantly be full term and be at the 18th hour of my 19 hours of labor, because I knew that feeling would be easier than my heart shattering into pieces as my baby’s birth mom walked out of the hospital. I have never experienced such sadness for a person I just met  that ran so deeply like I do for Mama T, but she gave our first born life!  And at the same time we have never experienced the love we have for our first born all at the same time. but this is adoption… this is the Gospel. It is the highest of highs and the lowest of lows but in the end it is a miracle that gives life.

So this is why we choose open adoption with our lovely Mama T. Not because this makes the loss any less but our hope is to be able to share in this adventure with her. Yes, we want to send her pictures and videos. No we do not fear her or in anyway do we worry about her hurting us. We worry about her. We want her to heal and be healthy. We want her to continue to get her strength from our God as she has.  We want to celebrate her every step of the way. Our baby looks so much like her, it’s insane. We hope to some day share photos with you all so you can see it. We are excited to have Vera-lou and Mama T enter our tribe and well, we hope you can all pray for us as we process all that has happened both the happy and the sad. We ask you to continue to pray for Mama T…

Cliff notes on us.

-We are in Houston till the begin of April. We are waiting a final Court date to leave the state.

– We are staying with the lovely Crowford family… the same family that helped us have the rites to say “this ain’t my first rodeo”.  They daily overwhelm us with their love.

– We have had other vistors… more on them as soon as possible.

– We sleep 3-4 hours at a time and are completely ok with it.

– We are loving having time being just a family of 3!

veralou-9062 veralou-9435


Grammy and Vera-lou



Showing my dimples to Uncle Perry



Mama T made these cowgirl boots for me.


Daddy showing Vera-lou Ansel Adams!


My bunny that Mama T and I both have.




The Ebersole Tribe.




  1. Casandra · March 30, 2014

    I’m just so overwhelmed with the love in this story. She is so loved. You might have your hearts broken but it’s ok because in the end it’s not all about us. Your thoughtfulness for mama T is so beautiful and Christ-like. May God give you strength, grace and meet all your needs.

  2. kmdaycock · March 30, 2014

    I love reading your posts! I’m in Fort Worth and my family is in Austin. I’ve told them about your story and they are SO excited for you guys! Obviously since Julia (sister from Russia) and I were both adopted, you know adoption holds a very special place in our hearts. God bless and keep the pictures coming. Vera Lou is beautiful – she’s so blessed to have such a giving birth mom and loving family!

  3. Patricia Forrant Hale · March 30, 2014

    Can’t wait to meet your new baby.

  4. Ashley @ musingsandoats · March 31, 2014

    She is the sweetest! I don’t know you but this post just made me so happy for y’all! Will be praying for both you guys and mama T. Enjoy being a family of three!

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