In the waiting…

As we wait for our maybe-baby girl’s arrival a lot runs through our minds. We have found ourselves able to rest a little. But this story keeps running through my head so I thought I’d share.

My job as a High School Reading teacher is hard but really rewarding. As our mentors told us, we’re both very blessed to be able to do things we’re passionate about. My co-workers are beautiful people.  I already mentioned the story of how my one adopted student gave birth mom the candle. I have to tell you all my students were excited for me but also sad to see me leave. Some students responded with out right bad behavior, while others responded with silliness. One class wrote name suggestions on the board and took a poll before I entered my classroom.

The top choices were…

  1. Beyoncé
  2. Katniss (the girl from hunger game)
  3. Ellen (Obviously the Oscars just happened)

Hilarious I know. But they were serious and I think one student expects me to bring Beyoncé Ebersole to visit (not happening).

On a serious note one of my seniors was very upset one of our last days before break. Not to mention we were reading Tuesdays with Morrie— one of the saddest but most life giving books. I did not choose the book with my departure in mind but I knew they could handle finishing it. I could tell my student was really upset, so I kept him after class and his response surprised me. I began by asking “So the book is making you really upset, we can stop reading it.” He quickly responded “NO, I love it”. We continued the conversation, he began to unpack how the book and the adoption were making him think about life. He explained how he doesn’t believe in God and doesn’t plan on it. I said that’s totally fine, “Morrie (the main character) is a religious mutt”. He then explained that no it’s not about Morrie, it was about me. It’s about this idea that if someone didn’t adopt me, I wouldn’t be here teaching him. That if this woman wasn’t adopted she wouldn’t be having this baby and how if the maybe- baby becomes apart of a family what is she going to do??  He looked at me with watery eyes (big deal for an 18 year old boy) and said “She’s changing me”. He quickly wiped his eyes and said he had to go. I said thank you for sharing and that he did not have to do his homework tonight but I wanted him to take some time to process. He could journal if he’d like and  I didn’t want to read the journal. He left and again I was a puddle of tears.

The next day he returned excited as he had taken the time to research different religions. He said he wants to be a religious mutt like Morrie and class began. Needless to say he didn’t finish his homework before break and I saw him cuddling with his girlfriend next period. But it’s moments like that make it all worth it. I am so blessed to be a teacher and I am so blessed to be able to share my life with my students. And it’s a blessing for us to know that  whatever the outcome is with this little girl, she has already changed someone.

Keep praying… these are the critical hours/days… We’ll let you know when we can.


The Ebersoles


Hopefully this little onsie will be filled soon! It’s our symbol for paper pregnancy, that I actually have tattooed on my back!


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