Our Church. Our Family. Our Friends. Our Texans.


So if your a blog follower, we now consider you a friend… It’s been so fun getting to know all these people everywhere and reconnecting with people we haven’t talked to in a while. We’re just overwhelmed with everyone’s love but we have a few stories that deserve a bit of highlighting…

Our church… Netcast Church… This almost three year old church plant has been rich-soil for Danny and I’s marriage to grow in. They have always been so supportive to us as a couple but now becoming family. Their love and support has been life changing. This past Sunday our pastor Matt, had it planned to speak on how the Father adopts us all before he even knew maybe baby girl existed. Then God was able to use us as a tangle example of adoption and Matt brought us to the pulpit and interviewed us. Allowing us to share this journey with our entire church. Not only did he do that but he’s also helping us fundraise. Everyone in the church is following our story and supporting us. We’ll never forget it. Watch the sermon here. You will love it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54Y9_ZofNtw

Our family… Our parents have been so supportive, doing laundry, buying us carseats, driving all the way from New York to get maybe-baby essentials and just praying for us. My Aunt and Uncle were our connection to our awesome swagger wagon. And just that our families are both ready to accept this little human with open arms is beautiful.

Our friends… From the calls, text messages, name suggestions and so much love. BIG thanks to our friends Kate and Lindsay for all the baby gear they are not using anymore. I mean Kate even gave us a travel cradle that we fit in our million suitcases. HUGE thanks to our Paper Doula, Lara (and husband, Tom)… who have selflessly been talking to us for hours on the phone, pre-deciding to say yes to the possibility, and continuing to walk us through the uncertainty. We would not be here in Texas with out them. Their family is remarkable… 5 kiddos, two from their adoption hearts and  3  from the womb. Lastly my best friend since I was eight years old, Maria. Dropped everything and came to be keep my nervous spirit laughing and going. She drove 7 hours and surprised me. She spent her vacation time not vacationing but organizing, shopping for storage units. Not to mention our local friends who continue to be excited for us and pray for us!

Our Texans… Let’s just say we have fallen-in-love with y’all. We’ve been staying at the home of a friend of a friend since we landed. They are a family that we now consider our family… The Crawfords,they have opened their homes and their hearts to us. Spoiling us with good food, having us meet all their friends and they even took us to the world renown Rodeo of Houston, Texas. We were able to see the bunking broncos and everything. It was this cultural event that pray we get to tell our little girl about. We have so much love for the state our little “maybe” lady comes from, it’s full of beautiful people who know how to love! We cannot be more thankful to them and the best part is we have to come back through Houston to finalize everything so we’ll be sure to have little miss “maybe” Ebersole says hello to the lovely Crawford clan.

This is what God does for us. He gives us this community to do life with and it doesn’t matter if your close or far we feel you doing what your called to do and that is love us… thank you.

The Ebersoles

P.S- Big prayers for tomorrow, we’re going to meet birth-mom for the first time! We’re a bit nervous and excited! We know God has good things in store and we just cannot wait to hug her!Rodeo



  1. Lillian · June 3, 2014

    Thank you so much for your blog! I just discovered it through my sister-in-law. I especially love this one hearing about Lara and Tom, who adopted heart kids as well as having their womb kids. Love the phrases you use! My husband and I have one womb child but are contemplating adoption. Love the support your blog is giving me to help think of our future.

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