Taking on Texas // Gifts for the birth-family

We’re in Texas and so much has happened.

Let’s start by saying… THANK YOU! We are continually overwhelmed by all the support.  From the baby gear from our local friends, to the out pouring of love as you all reached out to everyone you know in Texas, to the financial support, and the blog sharing and most importantly praying! It’s been a complete example to us of God’s grace in this whole thing, the stories of you all fighting for us and our maybe-baby-girl speaks volumes to our hearts and we will never take that for granted!

So, we’re here in Houston Texas! We arrived yesterday and are enjoying a little pre-baby relaxation – for the last few weeks have been crazy. I am on spring break from teaching and Danny is working remotely.  Our flight was the most exciting flight we’ve ever taken in our lives. Danny commented last night, this is like Christmas on steroids. But I know we wouldn’t have felt this way without y’all* (we are utilizing the local dialect) love.

We have a mini van!!! Not a car but a God-given swagger wagon as we’ve been calling it, fully equipped with proud mom bumper stickers. There is a ministry down in Houston, that was given a mini-van as a donation, just a week ago. They don’t need right now, so  they were contemplating selling it  but just then they got wind of our situation and now are allowing us to use it the whole time we are in Texas, and will sell it as soon as we are finished with it- craziness.

We have found a place to stay, thanks to all your leads and help. We will be in Houston for a few days, happy to be in the same state as birth-mom and then on Thursday we will head to Corpus Christi where we’ll meet birth-mom!

Anyway, her predicted debut isn’t till March 18th but like I said we are really hoping to spend time with Birth-mom. She’s so lovely, I’ve asked her how she is or how I can be praying… her response is always about us getting to her in time… Because Birth-mom has asked we both be in the room when baby girl makes her appearance!! Which is something we never even dreamed of being able to do, but like God has done with this whole thing, he exceeds our expectations.

Below are pictures of us at the airport looking like first time parents with 4 suitcases, cameras, book-bag for books that we won’t read, a snap-n-go stroller and carseat. The third picture is of the gifts we’re giving to birth family..

  1. Bunnies // One for baby and one for birth mom.
  2. Journal // This is for birth-dad. Danny is going to write to him and we hope he’ll be able to write letters to baby girl in it.
  3. Birthday candle // So one of my students this year is a Chinese Adoptee. She bought the candle for birth-mom. She’s explained that she probably won’t ever get to meet her birth-mom and wants our babies  birth-mom to be able to think about her little girl on her birthday. The candle is adorable it has every year till she’s 21. (let’s just say after she left the room, I was a tearful tiger)
  4. A bracelet // A bracelet for birth-grandma. Birth-mom’s mother is the only family member that knows about the baby. She has been very supportive of Birth-mom’s decision.
  5. A necklace // This is for birth mom it has three pink stones in it. For her, me and baby girl.
  6. A Mother’s Legacy // A book for Birth-mom to write about her self. The book asks her questions about her life, so that baby girl can know about her.

We’re so excited and nervous but trust in our sovereign God. We are still in need of raising the funds… if you feel led please donate at www.netcastchurch.org

So much thanks.

The Ebersoles.

P.S- feel free to also follow us on instagram brandiebersole and dannyebersole  we’ll be able to give insta-updates there 🙂

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  1. Leslie Gemarino · March 14, 2014

    Hello! I found your blog through a hashtag on Instagram just by chance. A few friends of mine are “paper pregnant” for the second time. I have been interested in adoption for some time, and I have enjoyed reading about your family’s journey! Congratulations!

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