Possibly Parents // Texas Bound.


We have received a call…

A birth-mama has “chosen” us.

Yes, we have a maybe baby.

Deep breathes and yes it’s ok if you scream (I do the screaming) or cry (Danny does the crying).  This has probably been the craziest two-weeks of our lives. Where do I begin.. Oh yes SHOCKED. Yes, it was super fast, 3 weeks to be exact from the point we finished our profile book, which activated us into the domestic adoption program.

It all started last Wednesday. I received a call while teaching from our adoption agency. I knew the number, I knew it was the middle of the day, I knew this could get interesting.  They asked if they could send our book to a case that needed a family fast. In order for a birth mother to choose you, she has to see your profile book. We prayed, talked and talked and then said YES. We were totally freaked out… I tired to stay composed and together at work for the next two days… All this said, my mom dropped everything and came over the weekend (yes she’s amazing and yes she bought me a few baby essentials).

On Monday, just when we thought this thing was not going to work out and we were beginning to contemplate backing out… (our nerves were getting to us)  I was working late that night (yes boarding school= boarding school coverage)… Danny called me and said….

                               SHE CHOSE US! AND… IT”S A GIRL!!!!

I think I was so shocked and I was trying to stay professional, I might have laughed- I tend to do that at the wrong times and said “ok, come see me at work… let’s talk about it”. Thankfully my co-workers let me go see him during dinner and we talked it all over. At any point in this process, we could say “No”. That’s the craziness of adoption but God keeps prompting us to say, “Yes”. And at any point up to 48 hours after the birth, the birth mom can choose to change her mind and keep the baby…

But we push forward… The crazy God part of this whole thing is that birth-mom is actually adopted too, so if this maybe baby girl, becomes ours… she’ll have an adopted mom and adopted birth mom… And the birth mom is also a believer and has commented that  “God told her it was us when she opened our book”. Her situational circumstances are private and we don’t plan to share them.

Ok… all this said, we have talked to birth mom on the phone… the conversation went as smooth as it could considering all the intense emotions (insert lots of crying, no inappropriate laughing from me)…Her and I have been text messaging back and forth. Yes, that sounds scary-  what if she changes her mind?  Why do we want to be so open?

Adoption is this messy, crazy but also an extraordinarily beautiful thing… You see this woman is so strong… so loving… afraid and so young. I keep telling Danny I think I am in-love with her too, though it’s scary to say it but if after all of this if she doesn’t choose us… we will be heart broken and you will probably have to scrap us off the floor but we’ll know our God is good. If she chooses to entrust us with this little life then she’ll  have to bare the huge loss… It’s totally conflicting and let’s just say we oscillate from happy to sad ( and insert everything in between). Nonetheless, this process is helping us know my maybe baby’s birth-mom. But really its showing us God’s love for all of us. It’s this love that chooses to love us, even if we don’t choose to love back. God doesn’t fear us not loving back, he just loves more. So, if we have the honor of adopting this little girl, we will be honoring her first mother, the mother that gave her life and if she changes her mind… we will still love her because she’s strong and brave and worthy…

What you can do…

1. PRAY!!! pray for birthmother, us, birthfather, both-families and thank him for this little life…

2. We were going to do a lot more fundraisers thinking this thing would take a lot longer. Private adoption isn’t cheap, but we know our God is able. If you want to donate please do through our awesome church,  Netcast Church. It’s a non-profit that way you can get a tax return.


Go to give a one time gift and then to whom you can scroll down and choose Ebersole adoption. Any donation will be greatly appreciated

3. We are going to have to travel to Texas. If you know anyone in Corpus Christi or in Houston please let us know. Or if anyone down there has a car we could borrow..  We are not sure exactly when we are flying down yet but before March 22nd and if all goes well, we won’t return till the state clears us about 1-2 week after the birth

4. You can share our blog 🙂

THANK you so much for your support! We are so grateful!


The Ebersole Family.



  1. Davia · March 3, 2014

    I heard about this last week by accident from Brett, and I didn’t want to invade your privacy, but I’ve been praying ever since!!
    Also, do you know Jill Barlow?? She is a good friend who went to GCTS and lives in Houston now. I’ll contact her for you to see if she can help out!

  2. Melissa · March 4, 2014

    I want to encourage you. I am adopted and my birth mother was also adopted!

  3. 3childrenunder3years · March 5, 2014

    Praying everything goes great. God is great 🙂 best of luck.

  4. Emily · March 6, 2014

    A Gordon friend just sent me your blog link. Is Corpus Christi your destination?

  5. Uncle Onildo and Aunt Nilza · March 12, 2014

    Just so amazing!! I’m praying for both of you as you walk down this path called adoption!! I admire both of you!!
    Blessings and we love you

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