Adoption // Birthdays

So, today is my birthday! If you know me,  you know I love birthdays. Anyone’s birthday really, you can be one of my students or one of my closest friends, I love to celebrate people. I do rather enjoy a good celebration for myself too (narcissistic, I know). I have in years past had fantastic birthday parties filled with dance parties, little mermaids, breakfast brunches, bowling and one year I even wore a tu-tu, my grandma bought me because I turned twenty-two. Like I said I love birthdays!

  This year has been a little different. I have had a little too much time on my hands to think, but I promise I am still celebrating. You see, adoption is this really beautiful thing, but I am a strong believer that beautiful things often come forth from battles. Like a pearl for instance, they have to be infected and irritated by the sand in the oster before they come out smooth and breath taking. So adoption is this thing that has to become beautiful. Even though I was adopted 26 years ago, I still think my adoption is becoming more and more beautiful. You see in the past five months, since we started this whole adoption process, I have thought more about my birth-mother than I ever have. I think about her, pray for her and pray that the birth mother of our baby has the same strength as mine did. You see, today marks a special day for me but it really marks a day that I believe the strongest person in my blood-line had to do the most powerful thing a person could have to do. She gave me life, even though she could not live and enjoy it with me.

    Last night in bed I was thinking about her, hoping she is not sad today. I have a wonderful life and I wish she could see it.

      I asked Danny “ Is she thinking about me?” (he knew, who I was talking about)

      Danny conversing with me, said

“I bet she lights a lantern for you on your birthday and send it up and hopes you see it.”

I laughed and he tried to defend himself saying “it might be a cultural thing”.

       Still laughing I said “ I am not the girl from the disney movie Tangled”.

Even though I am not a Disney Princess, I have a blood-line of powerful women. Today I celebrate my birth-mother. Somewhere in the big country of Korea, I hope some tall dark haired lady knows her daughter is celebrating her strength and her power to make something so beautiful… my life. I also celebrate my Mom, I cannot begin to thank her for so much and I celebrate a life I haven’t met yet, our little baby. I dream of celebrating my next birthday with you, baby and again my adoption story will grow.

Celebrating with a late start to school!  An early morning walk,  breakfast at my favorite little bakery with my favorite guy.

1483293_10201254272218846_1650244450_nProcessed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


One comment

  1. Janet Scally · December 19, 2013

    I love you, Brandi. Love, GJ

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