An Update!

It’s been way too long, since we’ve written you all a proper update. Our apologies come with promises to be more vocally systematic in the coming months!

But here goes “cliff note”

1. Homestudy // Take 2

2. Homestudy // Take 3

3. Fundraiser // numero uno

4. The baby is coming!

Like we said, our promises are for better communication.

1. Our second Homestudy, we put out relaxed faces on and each individually met with our lovely Social Worker, Amy.  She asked us numerous questions, such as… “What was your childhood like?”, “What do you love about your spouse?”, “ What are your thoughts on racial diversity in your family?”, “What do you think your parenting style will be like?”  and so many more. We both talked over the predicted time and both left feeling like whoa- this is really happening! Victory dances were had, and we might have bought our first baby clothes in celebration. (We do not get to choose the gender, so we bought one baby girl outfit and one baby boy outfit.)

2. Last homestudy visit. Amy last pre-placement visit. This one was to make sure we had running water, heat and a safe place a little baby could reside. We talked over some last details she had missed in our other two visits; the details were for her to be able to write our homestudy. Which if you do not know, is a legal document about us. It has a little bit of everything in it from our family history to what we enjoy doing and much more. This study of us  is a big part of what makes us parents. A lawyer will look it over, after we are placed to make sure we are a proper match according to the homestudy done on us.  I hope to someday let my kid laugh at ours, as Danny and I laughed at my parents homestudy- we loved looking at their answers to questions. You see my parents are some of the most humble people and they haven’t changed much over the past 25 years. They just love people. So she finished up… didn’t look at the clean bathtub or microwave. I thought she was going to turn on every appliance in our kitchen, but no. Just looked and then said “I think you two are going to be great parents, I cannot wait to see your profile book” and left. We took a deep breath and did our victory dances… So now, what stands between us and becoming parents is a profile book. Basically a picture book explaining who we are and why we want to adopt. This book will be looked at by birth-mothers and they will have the chance to choose us.

3. We also want to try to raise a bit more funds. We had a very successful first fundraiser. Raising all of our homestudy costs and then some. It was awesome! We even had a dog come out for the photo shoot!  The pup  was a close second to all the cute kids. It was powerful to us, seeing all the people come out and support us. There were some that knew us and some that didn’t… but all coming because they believe in adoption and well us. Not only are we working on our family profile but we are also applying for grants. We know God is good and trust him for all the finances needed to adopt this little child.

4. Finally we cannot be more thankful to all our friends and family, who are being supportive to us in this process. Your words of affirmation and your interest in the journey mean so much to us. We’ve gotten cards in the mail, donations, outfits (the cutest pair of Tom Shoes) and we even were toasted and wished the best in our journey by the lovely Robinson family! This all makes it so real… a baby is coming in 2014 and we cannot wait to meet it!



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