Today is Danny’s birthday and we need to celebrate his Daddy ways. You see my husband, has been waiting to be a Dad for a long time. I remember before we were even dating, he tried to flirting with me and then he tried to convince me that a Suburu hatch-back would make a good family car. (Yes, I was more attracted to that statement than the flirting)

The man is a hope-less baby lover. He sometimes gets more gushy over baby rolls than I do and the poor guy is dying inside as his nieces grow more beautiful.  If I even joke about either of them dating any of the very suitable boys at church SOMEDAY,  he looks at me and says “Don’t want to talk about it”.

This aside he is embracing paper pregnancy for example,  if we read a verse about fathering orphans–  he’s beside himself with joy, pride and excitement. He’s reading adoption books and we recently watched the amazing film Closure– PLEASE WATCH THE TRAILER and the tears were a flowing. Not to mention he started crying to our Social Worker while talking about his love for adoption.

So Happy Birthday to my amazing husband and the Daddy- Danny of our baby!

More on the process later…


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One comment

  1. Kristin Ebersole · November 4, 2013

    we LOVE uncle danny!

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