We are having a BABY!

Yes, this is exciting news – we are having our first baby via ADOPTION! I know this is foreign to most of you but it’s less foreign to us. It might seem crazy… irrational… bizarre or even down right unconventional but we’re doing it. You see, Brandi is an adoptee herself. If you know her and are reading this, you probably already knew this about her. Typically, within the first five minutes of meeting her, you’re likely to discover that she was born in Korea, loves adoption and wants to know every possible connection to adoption in your own life.

There have been numerous events that have led us to where we are today. But these events always had to do with God’s grace and the way he has impacted our lives.  We both love that we were chosen and are over-the-moon excited to choose a little person the way God chose us.  So please take a minute– pray for us!  We are so excited to share this journey with you…


Brandi and Danny.

After the grand speech a little Q & A. (more to come) 

Why are you adopting first? 

Well, in short version… we just know God has called us  to do it. In a little bit of a longer tangent. Danny and I do not see adoption as second best. I mean it’s the whole reason for my existence. If the (likely) tall dark-haired Korean birth-mother of mine didn’t choose to hold me in her womb for 9 months, hide out from her family and birth me I would never have had much of an existance in the first place. But then for her to turn around hours afterward and give me to a wonderful Foster Mother, who watched me until I would fly on a plane with another wonderful lady named Rosemary and be greeted by my wonderful adopted Mom and Dad at JFK airport- I wouldn’t be here today. I was the first adopted in my family and I loved that placement order. We also feel that it is such a tangible way of expressing the mission of the Gospel, where as we were adopted into Gods family and now want to create our own. God has given us the green light. Is it easy?  No. but more on that later

Are you unable to get Pregnant? 

Lets answer this one loud and clear… we can and we are! Adopting to us is having a baby… totally different set of aches and pains but a lot of the same questions and concerns. Totally different journey, but super exciting! But in terms of physically, we hope to be blessed with a whole mess of little B+D humans to fill the earth with more irrational dancing and calm steady artistic ways. However that is not what we’re called to right now.

Isn’t it too expensive? 

Yes,  adopting is super expensive.  And yes, we are going to need every bit of help we can possibly get… but we know our God is able.  We’re researching lots of grants, tax returns, have plans for fundraisers and well hopefully will have a place you can donate if you so feel lead but prayer is what we need most!

Why Paper Pregnant? 

Well you see, I do not have a growing belly… but I do get the honor of having the growing pile  of paper work that is involved in adoption… So the bigger the pile… the closer we are to getting our first little baby Ebersole…

So if you have more question, we’d love to answer them for you. We will try to keep this little blog updated with our journey!  We cannot begin to thank you for your love and support. Thanks for taking the time to even read this… B&D  


We are pretty excited, if you can’t tell! 

Photo: Scot Huber



  1. bora · October 23, 2013

    Congratulations on your paper pregnancy! We’re in the early stages of adopting a waiting child from Asia, and it’s always exciting to meet other people on similar journeys. (: Hoping every step of your journey is a blessing to you both!

  2. Rebecca · October 23, 2013

    So happy for you two! Will be praying for you in this journey

  3. Elaine · November 14, 2013

    Love your story! My mom was adopted and my sister and her husband ended up adopting after being unable to conceive. The first baby girl “almost” adopted was taken back by her birth mother. It was very sad. Then, as only our great Father God could orchestrate….a wonderful little boy was born far away on my mom’s birthday and successfully adopted by my sister and brother-in-law! Now, every year we celebrated my nephew’s (11) and my mom’s (81) birthdays together! How great is that story? God is good!!!!

    Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth. Psalm 124:8

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