Happy Half-birthday // Airplane day

Today is my airplane day! The day, I first met my parents and became a Wilkins. You know every adoptee has a different spin on this event. I have to hand it to my parents, they do an amazing job celebrating me! Now my tribe gets to join the celebration. I think adoptee have enough loss so, we should get the chance to gain an extra celebration! Today, we celebrate my baby-self’s great voyage, around the world to meet my parents.( Pictured below: me at 6 months)imageimageimage

In party fashion… we had a family day. It was part normal with child-rearing comes its usual duties but I got to do some of my favorite things like swim, cook, run and read and was able to host. Loved snuggling my little people, getting flowers and an adorable FaceTime from my parents. I kept thinking about the many other voyages I’ve now taken around the sun, most adventures here in the states, with the exception of my short stay in Africa. Anyway, all this said, it’s a circle and today I realized as I traveled around one of my favorite running routes, God keeps teaching us the same stuff.  We keep working on the same things but each time, we circle around, we get a bit better, and closer to him. One example is patience, I used to be impatient with my life and how I wanted to know, if my passions would align with all my other desires. Still impatient, but my patience can only spread so thin and it’s usually used up while my 2 year old goes potty and takes her sweet time. See we grow😉 But really, I feel like I could name at least a hundred things, I probably will circle around the sun learning for life and I really feel thankful I get to do so, with my village of people. So thanks dear airplane, for bringing me to my parents and big thanks to my favorite around the sun, daddy-God, whose plans are beyond us!

In other praise of the good Lords plans, I have to thank him for my big ‘little’ guy, Lenox. He’s killing it with his off the chart weight and height. ‘The sumo son,’ as I like to call him is as a half a pound bigger than his one-year-old cousin. He’s smiley and his laugh is seriously contagious. I can’t believe, he’s half a year. I still can’t believe he’s half my DNA! You see, I have a grey page for the first 6 months of my life– born, moved to Seoul, flown to JFK to meet parents.  So when my kids have 6 months of life, I am constantly trying to imagine the people that held and cared for me and the places I lived.  I cannot have more gratitude to foster moms and sometimes cry  when I see them love kids in the ‘in between’. They are demonstrating a similar love of which some people shared for ME! Thank you foster parents, you are truly heroes!

So we celebrate 6 months or half birthdays hard in this tribe. Cause for 6 month–mommy lived in Korea and gets an airplane day and you my offspring get to watch me eat half cakes! See ya in 6 months for a bite baby (insert tears, it goes too fast) here are pictures from our half birthday celebration a few weeks ago. imageProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetimageProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset


Before the Mother’s Day Marathon // Cinco De Babies.

I used to pray, ‘May God break my heart so completely that the whole world falls in…’ Thanks Mother Teresa for making my young passionate brain, pray crazy things and truly want them. Now, more aware of myself, I can see that I am an empath. I feel all the feelings.  I am learning to box them in, but like the spring here in New England this year, I am a puddle of rain feeling everything deep. It’s been one of those weeks. Surface image – easy going mother of two, doing my best to keep my hands clean in between diaper changes. Real self, the world is big, overwhelming at times, and scary.

America, bless you but you scare me. All your hateful words toward each other, all your money, all your politics. Jesus help us. Without puking my own political views, I got babies… and I got worries.

People around us… This has been a heavy one for a bunch of us. From trying to find support for a homeless single mom and then headed off to attending a foster-mom support group… My heart is dragging.

Our family.  Vera-lou’s birthmom is visiting tomorrow. We are thrilled and excited for her to come. We know it’s going to be a full weekend of creating memories. I want Mama T to come to celebrate Mother’s Day with our girl. I want Mama T to be able to be proud of being a birth mother for a weekend and I also want to love on the person that gave me the honor of being our daughter’s mama. The pictures make our tribe look perfect. We’re pretty cute at this point example A. tonight our cinco de BABY party… with some of my college best pal’s babies and mine.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset
Cinco De Babies

but we’re messy.  WE FEEL IT ALL… We feel the weight of Mama T as she decided to come a bit last minute. I cannot imagine what it feels like to have to come to visit someone who is apart of you and re-meet this person that you love so intensely. How Mama T’s heart waivers as she doesn’t know if she can handle seeing Lou-Lou be so grown up and knowing she’s missing so much. My heart is heavy for the after visit. Our lives will continue with all it’s joy and Mama T, will go back to being a hard-working college student, who doesn’t have any birthmother support at home. But these moments are our redemption… That Vera-lou’s birthmom, an adoptee herself coming from a hard foster-to-adopt story, has the bravery and strength to come and be with us. That Vera-lou’s adoptive mother, gets to love a real live birth-mom this weekend and gets to give her little girl’s adoption story more than she has. And one special little girl gets to see her birthmom on Mother’s day, she can’t wait to see her come-in on the airplane from TEXAS and I am sure she will be LOVED.

So Mother Teresa, your quote is coming true. God is breaking my heart and my wedge of the world is falling in… I am so thankful that I know who breaks my heart and from him I find the grace to be able to feel it all and trust my worries are taken care of. 




Open Adoption: So many Mamas!

Amidst my marathon diaper changing, I have had the honor of making a new mom friend. Now you may find this confusing. Thinking, ‘B, you are a mom of course, you have new mom friends?’. But this is different, I have become friends with a woman, who has bravely decided to be a Birth-mother. 

Krystal is a strong and courageous lady, whom shares my hometown. This summer a mutual friends set us up, we talked for 3 hours straight with some food interruptions thanks pregnancy. I couldn’t be more thankful for this date. No, I am not adopting her beautiful baby, but I still have the honor of being this amazing lady’s friend. And she is not getting rid of me anytime soon. I cannot tell you how encouraging Krystal has been to me as an adoptee and adoptive mama. Listening to Krystal process these past few months has given more insight into our open adoption with Vera-lou’s birthparents. While bearing witness to her conflicting feelings reminds me of the deep love, I have for my birthmother. But this Mama know’s what’s best for her baby and I could not be more proud of her. I know, so many mamas! But being friends with a birth-mama like Krystal is another angle of the beautifully complicated thing, that is so much of my identity.

So if your life has all been touched by adoption please take a few minutes and pray for Krystal. She is a week late and trying to stay strong in a HIGHLY emotional time. Also take a few minutes and read her blog, http://birthmotherblog.tumblr.com/ .  Feel free to leave her an encouraging word for the long road ahead of her. Reading her blog unmasks apart of adoption, I believe everyone needs to read and see. This birth-mama even had a sweet gender reveal party for her little LADY. This life has been so celebrated…


Also if you are interested in adoption PLEASE listen to this podcast Open Adoption:Not So Simple Math. It’s a BEAUTIFUL essay giving another birth-mother’s experience.


Happy Birthday to our girl.

We officially have a TWO year old… It’s hard to believe but now having her little brother,  I can see so clearly that she is no longer a little baby. My girl loves to sing, talk, run, dance, climb, play ‘mama’ to her babies and so much more. One of the parts of having her grow is getting to see so much of her personality. It’s big and beautiful. She is gentle and sweet, but she is strong. She has strong feelings like… she loves deeply, like her fierce love for her cousins or her new, “baby swoller”. And when she wants to do something herself… the passion in her, “I do it”, is not always persuaded. But you know today as I watched her run and play with her grandparents, I saw her birth-mother so clearly and I have never been more proud.

Two years ago today Mama T, allowed her body to do the most amazing thing, to give life to our daughter. However many days, she doesn’t feel strong like she did two years ago. Many days are full of hard moments and uneasy feelings. But she never stops loving our girl, even when it’s not easy. 
So tonight, before I lay my head to bed… I thank the good Lord, for our daughter’s sweet life. It’s so full and so fun. I celebrate the love she has from all of her family, all over the country. I celebrate having the privilege of being her mom. And I celebrate two years of open-adoption. I cannot be more thankful to Mama T and Padre J for continuing to be apart of our crazy tribe. They have grown so much and we are so proud. 

So Vera-lou, if you are reading this one day know this, the love people have for you is real and raw. It comes with great sacrifice but so much beauty.

All photos by Daddy at Ebersole Photography


Celebrating Babies!

IMG_0363 2

We are incredibly blessed with amazing friends all over the place, but today some extra special ones came to visit us. To give you a little back story on Danny and I, pre-tribe days– We fell in love during college. We were apart of this little family of friends– who would dream, pray and have loads of fun together. Looking back on how our love stories all started, sometimes stopped –  only to continue again.  And how we all supported each other though all the drama was really quite epic. All the while trying our best to love Jesus…

   One love story, we both feel equally apart of and equally fond of is the story of Rod and Stef. It was really amazing how God gave Danny, Rod as a pal and Stef to me. Through the past nine years of friendship we have celebrated graduations, engagements, weddings and today we celebrate BABIES! Stef and Rod welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Selah nine days before our Lenox. Not to mention Vera-lou LOVED having a baby girl to hold. We all could not stop saying, “we can’t believe we’re parents” or “how did we get here” or “Don’t we belong in a library somewhere flirting studying together”. But this is what Jesus does with friends, he keeps you together as you grow together. If I would have told us all them years ago we’d be here today, I think we’d all laugh but as the cheesy 90’s christian singer Michael W. Smith puts it,

                 “And friends are friends forever, If the Lord’s the Lord of them”…

                                                    Hahaha #blesshim.

IMG_0340IMG_0360 2IMG_0352 2IMG_0361

IMG_0364 2IMG_0341IMG_0344IMG_0342IMG_0365 2Ebersole+Ceaser-9768

p.s- over 5 different races and two mixes represented in this clan– this is the kingdom of God

Lenox Ray Here to Stay!


We are over the moon in love with our newest tribe member. He’s sweet, chubby and making our lives all the more full. Every morning, when we get Vera-lou from her crib she asks, “Baby?” and we remind her “Lenox Ray is here to stay”.  We named him Lenox because his daddy liked the name when he photographed a wedding in Lenox, Massachusetts almost four years ago. And well let’s face it, Mama is a sucker for nicknames, Nox. So, fellow-mamas, if you’re worried about the name of your baby like I was for 42 weeks… don’t fret- it will all come together. We gave him the middle name Ray because that was my Grandpa Wilkins’s middle name. He was the Grandpa that had a vision that, I was going to be healed, not to mention in Scotland people think it means grace or you know the baby name website says “wise protector”. Either way he’s named after a man that sought Jesus and believed in his great power.

         So, you might be wondering, how did the delivery go? Excluding all the gory details, Lenox’s birth defied every medical prediction that would have been given to it if I had my brain disease. With the help of an amazing doula and my awesome husband- hours later, he came into this world naturally without any interventions.  After he came out I was higher than a kite because I was able to birth an 8 pound baby, but most importantly, I truly am healed. That is my God doing the unthinkable! 

         God also did something else really amazing for me. He gave me a blood relative. This fact is just as miraculous as the healing of my brain disease. Now that I am not waddling around and chasing a toddler I can finally see why I was such a hesitant Prego. I think internally, I was fighting this dreadful feeling of abandonment. I tried really hard to be excited about being pregnant, there are SO many things that could have gone wrong. But subconsciously, I was struggling being so close to a mysterious and at current standing negative part of my adoption story. I had so many mixed feelings though out the whole 42 weeks. It wasn’t about the nausea or the sleeplessness, I would take that over this other awful feeling.

           But the moment Lenox was born, I felt this sense of relief. I finally met my own DNA and it was mind-blowing. In some strange way I felt SO close to my birth family because I got to look them all the face. I still cannot believe my birth mother went through all that gory stuff to give me life and not get the medal at the end of the marathon, the baby. Now having done it, I am so glad to know she went on to have other children and I just hope she can dream of the life, she had apart of giving me. So these past 11 weeks of my little man’s life have had there chaotic moments with my toddler and baby in tow, but this is my new normal and again my adoption story grows. I now have a biological relative and I must say I am so proud of him.

       I also have a deeper love for both my birth mother and the birthmother of my first born. Vera-lou’s birthmother and I have shared many laughs about the post birth experience as well as tears at the grief, she will forever feel. Having a baby has only confirmed for me, our call to this crazy tribe life, that involves so many different people. God has been oh so faithful to write this crazy story, that unites so many people from all ends of the earth and boy is he making beauty out of chaos. 


Here is a little slideshow of Lenox’s visitors!

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P.S- Thank you everyone for your love and support in this new season🙂 We couldn’t have done it without ya!

P.S.S-Sorry readers Lenox was born back in December! After a few of you have reached out I thought you deserve an update. For quicker news on our family check out our instagram handles @brandiebersole or @ebersolephoto 

Happy first day of Advent // Happy due date to me.

Wifey-Wifey-0019Here I am 40 weeks still waddling like a turkey, hoping to not waddle like a Santa although it is one of my all time favorite seasons. Most of you are seasoned pregnant ladies can relate but yes, I am on my due date but I am thankful and relaxed… why you might ask here let me give you a little back story…

Pregnancy has been an array of emotions for me. I’ve been really healthy and thankfully have had a peaceful pregnancy (I attribute that to Danny’s DNA- my forever peaceful partner). Although smooth, pregnancy made me question a lot about my own identity and as usual I have to make up my own gestation story. For instance up until maybe 7 and a half months not showing… thinking, ‘I bet my birth-mom didn’t show, that’s how she hid me.’ Or dealing with a few unsolicited people hinting that, ‘I am going to feel so differently about my biological children,’ when in reality I want to punch them in the face…  It wasn’t the rosiest pasture. I’ve been praying a lot of how to place all these feelings and I am pretty sure God answered me in a big big way…

On top of all them feelings… I was also a high-risk pregnancy. At first, I was seeing several specialized doctors in Boston. The reason being that when I was 10 years old, I had brain surgery for an incurable disease called, ‘Moya- Moya’. The doctors had a million plans for me and my pregnancy.  If I was still pregnant at this point I probably would have had a much more complicated birth with various interventions. When I was first dealing with Moya-Moya,  I never let the doctor’s predictions come true. For instance, after brain surgery I confidently went back to school weeks after with a bandage and a hat- didn’t want to to scare the other 5th graders. It was never something I let define me. It was a scary-awful part of my childhood, but it made me who I am and gave me a ton of faith in God. I always had to trust him and know ultimately he had me in his hands.

Fast forward nine years. I had just finished my first year at college and took a missions trip for the summer to Mozambique, Africa. During this trip, I was able to see a new characteristic of God, a God who healed. God was healing people in Mozambique and it was real. This trip did so many things for my life but crazy enough it was also part of a vision my Grandfather had for me before he died. He died right after they found out I was sick, but before this he told my parents he saw my feet in Africa with children, healed. I wasn’t told about this vision till I arrived in Mozambique and already was watching the God of wonders at work. Nonetheless I wanted healing for myself. People were praying for me and so I came back to the states fully believing I was healed. But I totally wasn’t… I was sick. I was experiencing brain symptoms and depression. It was a horrible time in my life. I slowly had to relearn to trust the Lord and came out of it all with no real answers. Only that my surgery was actually unsuccessful and that I would probably need surgery again. Determination hit and I went back to college with no real answers but just lived life.

Living life then, consisted of you know graduating college, marrying Danny, adopting Vera-lou and now, being pregnant. Going to all the ‘high-risk’ doctors made me face all the realities and fears doctors usually have for me. In August, I had to have an MRI to look at my brain to see it’s condition before delivery. When I rolled into that little tube as some of you have experienced. I was again confused and frustrated but praying… hoping for something different. When I was done I was to meet with a neurologist after he looked over my scans. The doctor looked at me and said in a rich middle eastern accent, ‘You have NO Moya-Moya. You are fine. You can deliver just fine.’ He quickly showed me the scans and I had seen old scans before and knew he was right. Moya-Moya is when your blood vessels are pinched and you don’t get enough blood to your brain. You could see all the vessels in all my pictures!  I made him say it twice and asked him, if he could contact my brain surgeon from when I was a child. He works in a the children’s hospital here in Boston, and he agreed.  I left and didn’t know what to do. I called my parents… they cried and I tried to keep it together but cried my whole train ride back to the north shore (poor old man next to me thought I had gotten my heart broken).

My brain surgeon cannot explain what happened to my brain but I can… I was healed by the good Lord…

                            and it’s a miracle.

If you are currently put before a situation that you are praying for healing it does happen, it happened to me. The doctors say everything should go like a normal delivery and if you can’t get from this story God has continued to use my adventures in motherhood to teach me so much about his greatness…  I never thought he could match our miracle entrance into parenthood with our sweet Vera-lou but of course our God does the unthinkable as we venture to baby number two. If it wasn’t for this baby, I would have never known I was healed. So we approach this advent season anticipating two babies, one whom’s love is so deep for us that he heals us, blowing our expectations out of the water and another baby that will add to the Ebersole Tribe’s crazy life!

Some maternity photos by Ebersole photography aka, Danny

View More: http://ebersolephotography.pass.us/pregnancyEbersole.Tribe-3 (1)Ebersole.Tribe-4

My healed brain if you are interested…. IMG_3009

and last but not least… 7fd6911a-705c-4aa6-bf47-9d61501c7c25